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About the Blog:
Once upon a time in December 2010, Jennifer's love of reading overcame her and she decided to start a blog about books. She had no idea at all about the YA book blogging world; she only knew that if you were obsessed with something, make a blog about it. So she did.

The blog was just a simple name: Books :) (yes, with the smiley face.. don't judge). It consisted of: the cover of the book and a short 6-8 sentence paragraph of her thoughts. That was all. She continued this blog until one day in May of 2011, she stumbled upon a little (not really) blog, named The Story Siren, and after that, she jumped into the world of YA book blogging. She stopped the blog, still a newborn and confused about everything. When she felt ready, she reconstructed the blog and renamed it The Book Barbie in August 2011.

After about 15 followers, one follower, Racquel, emailed Jennifer asking if she could join and co-blog with her. She was so excited that someone appreciated and loved her blog enough to do so! Of course she accepted, and she is so thankful she did! Shortly after the co-blogging began, the blog was renamed The Book Barbies.

But sadly, in December, Jennifer had to leave the blog because her parents didn't think it was safe and school was stressful. So Racquel was left alone but she got right away on the hunt for another blogger to help her out with The Book Barbies and she found, Emma. The Books Barbies is back to being plural. However Emma also had to leave because of the stress of school but once again, in November of 2012, Racquel found someone to blog with: Sharon.

About Racquel:
I'm Racquel (rack-elle). Just a teen with a passion to read because she has nothing else better to do (just kidding, reading is AH-MAZING). I love reading romance because I live vigorously off the romance in books (I accepted the fact that I'm dying alone, we were brought to this earth solo and we're going to be buried solo.) but I also like to write. Besides that, I love watching soccer, getting my tan on, traveling, drinking redbull more then water and procrastinating like no body's business.

So this Racquel in a nutshell but don't worry, I don't have fangs so feel free to hit-me-up! I love talking books and the likes((:
About Sharon:
I'm a twenty-something college student graduate with a crazy love of books, an obsession with quotes, and a myriad of fictional crushes. I detest coffee, but I love tea and hot cocoa. I adore cool words like plethora and evanescent. I am a Christmas enthusiast. Friends is my favorite show ever, and I quote it about ten times more often than I actually get to use my aforementioned fancy words. I abuse the capslock feature on occasion and have a penchant for rambling. I don't watch horror movies.  My favorite color is cerulean, and I like things that sparkle.  What else? I love talking about books! Drop me a comment, shoot me a Tweet, send me a smoke signal (although I'm not sure I can interpret that last one without at least a little help).