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Review Policy/Request


All reviews and post published are my honest opinion. I do not sugar coat anything, be aware. I accept both physical review copies (Hardcovers and paperbacks) and e-books. Also, keep in mind I reside in the United States.

What I review and accept:
→ Contemporary YA
Historical YA
→ YA romance
Contemporary romance

→ Historical romance
Contemporary new adult
→ YA romance

Genre's I MIGHT accept (depending on the specific book):
-YA Paranormal
-YA Fantasy
-YA dystopian
-YA sci-fi
-YA etc.

No non-fiction or middle-grade reads. 

I'm also happy to participate in blog tours, author interviews, character interviews, cover reveals or anything related! Your emails are welcome. If you have any other questions or requests:

Contact me at: purplebull@hotmail.com


At the moment, I am not accepting unsolicited review copies.

I am open to receiving review copies in either physical and digital format. I am also absolutely willing to participate in blog tours, conduct author interviews, or hold giveaways for books. If you would like me to review a certain book, please submit your request via email (thebookbarbies[at]gmail[dot]com). Be sure to include the title, author, and a summary/blurb of the book. I will not be able to review all books requested, but I will take each one into consideration.

Please take note of the following list if you are considering sending me a review request.

Preferred genres:
→ Romance (historical, contemporary, Christian)
→ YA (all subgenres)
→ General Fiction
→ Dystopian

Genres I may accept, depending on the specific book:
→ Romance (paranormal, sci-fi)
→ Mystery
→ Poetry
→ Middle Grade
→ Books about books (genre studies on romance, etc.)

Genres I will not accept:
→ Horror
→ Sci-fi
→ Non-fiction

You can contact Sharon at thebookbarbies[at]gmail[dot]com.