Saturday, December 10, 2011

On the Hunt for a Co-Blogger!!

(That's me sad and lonely if you can't tell :p)

Unfortunately Jennifer, the creator of this blog- my co-blogger and friend, had to leave the blog. (post all about it HERE) It completely sucks but I will be continuing the blog since I do love blogging about books, meeting fellow book lovers and just talking about books.

But, I don't want to blog alone. It's the reason I asked Jennifer to join the  blog instead of starting my own. It's not that I can't do it, but it's more motivating with a co-blogger.

1- I keep up with a blog better. It would be rude and embarrassing to ask to join a blog then not keep up with it so a co-blogger motivates me to keep posting when I just want to do is sleep or read.

2- Take some of the load off + more posts. I have school, and sometimes I just want to hole up. With a co-blogger though, some one will always be posting.

3- It's fun! Blogging on The Book Barbies alone is well, lonely! Yeah there are other bloggers to chat with but dealing with The Book Barbies specifically, I want someone to talk to. I don't want the relationship to be between me and only. I want to talk books, come up with idea's for fun posts and just the general friendship that comes with co-blogging plus I am an awesome friend;D haha what more can I convince you with? :p (see my sense of humor? it fabulous I agree xD)

I have been 'scouting' people I can ask to join me but it's proving hard especially since I have finals around the corner.

So if you have been thinking about starting your own blog and hesitating, here is your chance to have a blog:D A spot (maybe two!) is open if you would like to join me with running The Book Barbies.

All I ask is that you are:
---Around my age, (high school student, 14-18 year old) 
---An AVID reader. I want book quotes to run in your veins :p
---Dedicated. Blogging does take time. So I want you to be prepared for that.

Otherwise, I'm lenient, I'm not looking for specific person who fits a criteria, just a book lover. If you can convince me you want to join my blog, the spot is yours.

Just email me at:

Also, if you can help me out! Spread the word! If you know someone who would like to join, send them to me. Or just the general word spreading would be great. Thanks:D

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