Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top 10 Historical Romances of 2012

I actually would have preferred to do a top 10 YA contemporaries or couples but after reading my first historical romance in the summer, I went a little crazy AND JUST HAD TO HAVE ALL THE HISTORICAL ROMANCES! so I actually didn't read enough YA to do a top 10 favorite list. But now that I have a high doze of historical romances in my system, I hope to balance YA and romance better in 2013.
So in no particular order, my favorite historical romances that I've read in 2012:
1. Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas: Two words: Derek Craven.

2. Not Quite a Husband by Sherry Thomas: Just so so so so so good. Sherry Thomas knows how to write romances that break the usual pattern. And did I mention, THIS BOOK IS GOOD? 

3. Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks: This is actually a Scottish highlander romance but it's still historical. It was tons of alpha-hero fun. 

4. The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan: This is only a novella but it still better than some full lengths romances I have read. I highly highly recommend it.  

5. Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas: This is my favorite historical romance by Lisa Kleypas. It's just so good and romantic and *swoon* 

6. What I Did For a Duke by Julie Anne Long: This is one of the best well written romances I have ever read and well ever read. It's kind of perfect, actually.  

7. Confessions from an Arranged Marriage by Miranda Neville: My first historical romance and it was epic. The hero and heroine truly HATE each other at the beginning and I do love the hate-love trope and it's just the best I've read in the book.

8. Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas: This is my favorite book from The Hathaways series even though peoples favorites is the book next on my list.

9. Tempt Me at Twilight  by Lisa Kleypas: An arranged marriage (well sort of) book written by Lisa Kleypas. I knew this would be perfect before I even read it.

10. Ravishing the Heiress by Sherry Thomas: Like I said, Sherry Thomas books really add something fresh to the genre. Her heroes are closer to earth than they are to alpha-hero heaven.
So I've been in a car for 13 hours straight and now I'm in some Hotel in El Paso resting for the night so my family and I could finish our road trip to Las Vegas tomorrow. So excuse the lack of book covers because I'm scheduling this on the go! I hope you had a very merry Christmas and the you're feeling the good holiday spirit today too!

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