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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Top Ten Books at the Top of Our Summer TBR List {32}

Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This Week's Topic:

Top Ten Books at the Top of Our Summer TBR List

Racquel's Picks
01. Pride and Prejudice by
02. The Jessica Darling series by
03. by
04. by
05. The Bloodlines series by this summer too, right? SO EXCITING.

Sharon's Picks
I decided to limit myself to summery books for this list, or there would have been NO WAY I could limit myself to 5 (Crown of Midnight, anyone?! And I'm STILL waiting for Of Triton). Of course, I failed even with this constriction, LOL.
01. The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen. HELLO, IT'S SARAH DESSEN. No further explanation needed.

02. How My Summer Went Up in Flames by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski. This one just sounds like so much fun! I would want to read it for the title/cover combination alone.

03. Things I Can't Forget by Miranda Kenneally. I have a HUGE love for books set at camp. I actually just got this one from the library! It'll probably be the first on this list to get crossed off. I'm so excited for it!

04. The Summer I Became a Nerd by Leah Rae Miller. If I weren't ordering this list by author's last name, this would SO be first on the list. I cannot even tell you how long I've waited for this book. It just sounds like the PERFECT summer story for me. Unfortunately, my library has no plans to acquire it, as far as I can tell. I will probably wind up buying it at work in the next few days.

05. How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True by Sarah Strohmeyer. I knew I wanted to read this one from the moment I saw the title. And the cover is so pretty! Not to mention it just sounds like a good story, and I've yet to read a Sarah Strohmeyer book.

BONUS Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland. I hadn't heard of this one until recently, but all of the sudden, it's everywhere. And it looks absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

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