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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Mix: You Make the Cold Disappear

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You can't have a complete Christmas feature without music! If you enjoy Christmas music but are ready to stuff your ears with fake snow just to drown out the strains of the latest pop star whining about how they gave their heart away last Christmas, this is the mix for you! It consists of a variety of songs, from slow to upbeat, none of which should be overplayed by your local Christmas station.

I originally made this mix a few years back. I've tweaked it a bit over time - particularly for posting today, since some of the songs aren't available on Spotify - but it has stood the test of multiple Christmas seasons. I can put this mix on repeat for hours on end and never get tired of it. Hopefully, you get even a fraction of the enjoyment I've gotten from it! Without further ado, may I present You Make the Cold Disappear: A Christmas Mix.

BONUS! I know some of you don't get Spotify, so I made a YouTube playlist of all the songs, as well. Even better, you actually get the acoustic version of "You Make the Cold Disappear," which I prefer over the album version. Here you go: You Make the Cold Disappear (YouTube Playlist)

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