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Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fun: TGIF at Greads & FF |7|

Recommend It: Which book from the last 10 you've read would you recommend to a friend?
1. Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel. A fantastic zombie & dystopian book! My review here.
2. Dancergirl by Carol M. Tanzman, a mystery/thriller book that is actually mysterious! My review here.
3. One More Summer by Liz Flaherty, an adult contemporary that had me tearing up! My review here.

Q: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get your hands on any particular book? 
I haven't done anything too crazy because I live in Houston, everywhere I have the resources to get books! (thank god!) Though I am a fan of Half Priced Books and I always visit the 3 HPB in the area (2 are in a town that is in suburbs of Houston, around a 30+ drive. That's how much I love HPB!)
This week's features:

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