Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

To *MEEEE* (me being Racquel!) The Book Barbies was created August 27th, 2011 by Jennifer who is no longer a part of this blog but she is a co-blogger over at A Reading Daydreamer.
(I haven't posted a blogoversary post on the 27th because that was the day I got back home. Too busy!! Teehee)

On September 7th, 2011 *I* officially joined the blog. I didn't actually post until the 12th but Jennifer announced me on the 7th.

Jennifer left the blog on December the 7th and my current lovely, amazing, out of the world co-blogger Emma joined The Book Barbies on December the 17th! (Every anniversary date starts with a SEVEN- my lucky number!)

First review: Lie by Caroline Bock

Some of my favorite reviews:

My first review request from an author that turned out to be a 5 star read!

My first adult review:

Posts I love:

My first bookish event! I met a ton of authors & Houston book bloggers :D

Most visited post (courtesy of Emma)
(I saw them live too! But I didn't meet them :p)

Some posts that scream ME! (This was totally a TTT prompt a few weeks back!)

The Book Barbies has sometimes been a stressful experience, sometimes the drama got annoying but overall and in the end, I do not regret joining the blog not one bit! It has taught me a lot about my reading tastes: 
  • contemporary is my genre
  • paranormal and dystopian don't really click with me
  • romance is a must
  • holy shit I fucking love adult contemporary romance, enough to give up YA for them
  • If it's not mature, I probably won't like it, that's why I love new adult books
And it also led me to find out about SO MANY books that I would have never found about if I wasn't a blogger and all of that is thanks to the blogsphere and Twitter and my awesome blogger friends who I can't live without! All these people are listed HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (It's 11 pm and I need my beauty sleep because I have to go to that place that shall not be named tomorrow and I barely remembered my anniversary and I typed this post super quick so I definitely don't have time to list them again! hehe)

So, to wrap this up, thank you for stopping by the blog. Thank you so much if you ever checked out the blog. Thank you for taking the time to read our posts. Thank you for taking the time and commenting. Thank you for taking the time to tweet me and talk to me and thank you for being a part of a fantastic community. Keep rockin'!
(I'll probably have a giveaway or some shizz like that posted tomorrow or I'll edit this post but I seriously need to get my ass to bed!)

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